Monday, December 20, 2010

Homemade Christmas Insanity

I decided in the middle of November that this year we'd make our Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. Time to switch it up, I guess. Maybe help the kids feel more involved? Maybe a little insanity? I don't know. So the tree went up the Monday before Thanksgiving, much earlier than usual. (On a side note: We have an artificial tree because of our allergies). We've been working and we've made some pretty slick ornaments.
I picked up some little wooden ornaments that the kids colored with markers--see the great cups of cocoa? I made the cute little gingerbread girl in the center and the garland is made up of snips of recycled, felted sweaters and some jingle bells.

I love my girl. I think she's a cutie pie.
Recycled sweater stockings, but for some reason the color is pretty awful.
My mitten garland--I've got to learn how to use the camera for the blog now. I swear, people...this garland is cute. That and I promise to work on my blog photo skills--PROMISE!
See. Crafty. Me. :)