Monday, January 24, 2011

Tulip Glam-It Up! Crystal Tool Review

Gwen has her school program this Friday. Of course, I want something cute for her to wear. Thus, my need to MAKE something. While at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts, Gwen and I stumbled over this Tulip tool in the patches and other miscellaneous crafty stuff aisle. I had a couple of 50% off coupons and a 20% your entire purchase, so all put together, it wasn't a bad deal. I already had the t-shirts to embellish. So, pink crystals and a little tool went into the cart.

The Cordless Crystal and Stud Heat-Setting Tool is basically a precision iron. It needs 3-AA Batteries. You push the tool to the "ON" position, but still have to push the button to make it heat. It is amazing how quickly it heats--I was testing it on paper, watching for a scorch mark. Once it was hot, it only took 2-3 quick counts for the crystal to be completely adhered to the shirt.

Here's how I made my shirt.

Prewash and dry a shirt. Put a layer of paper (I used a White House, Black Market catalog) between the layers of the shirt.

I found a template online of the size heart that I wanted to make. I cut it out, leaving about a .5" of extra space. I used a .25" paper punch--that's the standard size--and punched out holes on the template. I tried to be as evenly spaced as possible.
I taped the template in place on the shirt being careful to center it on the shirt and put it in the exact place I wanted.

After that, I used tweezers to put the crystals in place.
I heated the tool and pressed the hot tool to the top of the crystal for 2 seconds. BE CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE PAPER-IT WILL BURN AND LEAVE A SCORCH MARK ON YOUR SHIRT!
After I adhered all the crystals on the template, I removed the template and randomly attached all the remaining crystals.
I think it came out great for my first attempt. Now Gwen wants everything to have crystals! Be nice about my daughters, haggard look. She had a fever of 102.5 the day of the craft!

I'd make something with the Tulip Glam-It Up! Tool. It was really easy and kinda fun to do. It's making me think about what I'm going to make next!

I'll have to post a picture of Gwen on Friday for her program. She's going to wear her "Glammed" shirt with her pastel rainbow pettiskirt.