Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Etsy FABULOUS! 4th of July Excitement!

We are planning a trip to Washington D.C. during the 4th of July.  I just HAD to get Gwen an outfit for the trip.     I was trolling around on Etsy and I came across THE CUTEST OUTFIT EVER!  I bought it right away.  Waited a couple weeks after I sent the seller Gwen's measurements and today, I opened my mailbox to a small, white package--THE OUTFIT!  I opened it up with squeals of delight from Gwen.  After we ate lunch, we washed up and put it on.  IT IS SO FANTASTIC!  Adorable, quality fabric and sewn beautifully. 

After the pictures, I emailed the Etsy seller, Sandy (a super nice lady), telling her how much I loved the set and that I'd love to share my pictures and her Etsy store address on my blog.  She so graciously offered you, my blog readers, a 10% off discount off your entire order!!!!! The discount runs through the summer, so be sure to get your order in.   How awesome is that???!?!?!  Thanks, Sandy!  You are great!
This awesome outfit can be found in her store at:  Imbornagain on Etsy
Enter the code at checkout:  allsortsofrandom1 
Let me say it again, this will give anyone who puts this code in the checkout section to receive 10% off their whole order.

I hope you all enjoy this discount.  I know I will be ordering from her again!  I gotta ask her if she has any cupcake themed sets!  :)