Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nature Mill Indoor Composter Product Review

Last year, I was crazy about getting a composter.  Living in about a third of an acre in a town, I thought my neighbors would want to strangle me if I got an outdoor composter.  

Composters have a reputation.  Smelly, ugly, and attracts all sorts of critters and insects.  Those three things, along with the potential of pissing off my neighbors, brought me to the Nature Mill Indoor Composter.  www.naturemill.com

Ah, Nature Mill.  It promises that it can make compost from most of your food items, including meat, in two weeks.  It can be used indoors.  No worms, high energy efficiency, and no stink.  

The one thing that I was a little hesitant about was the price points: 
The Plus XE, is the starting model at $299!  YIKES!  The heavy duty PRO XE is $399!!!!  Even more YIKES!!!!  So, I used all my birthday money and skipped the spa last year and got the PRO XE model.  

I got package in super-fast time.  A couple of days really.  

It was a shiny and surprising LIGHT!  It is actually mainly made out of tight-fitting foam.  With a heater and a bottom drop pan for completed compost and any liquids that may drain from the compost.  

I was nervous about having a composter in my house.  Let's be honest here--compost is rotting food.  Gross.  No matter how much green vs. brown materials you have in there with some baking soda, it's gonna smell.  

We put our composter in the garage.  Plugged it in and started composting.  It really does work great!  I'm really happy with it and I've learned, with time, what composts well and what doesn't.  (BTW, bananas don't compost quickly, even when they are chopped up.)  

As for the promises:  High Energy Efficiency--it's great!  No insects or critters--fabulous!  No smell--it kinda works.  When I have the lid closed, there is no smell and therefore, the insects mention above, do not come around.  BUT when I open the lid, HOLY STINK!  Yes, you can make it better by adding baking soda and pellets, but remember, it is rotting food in there people.  

I live in Wisconsin. I composted all winter long--and winter this year lasted into May!  :(  When my collection was full, I put it in small garbage can with a lid--to help contain the odor.  Last week, when I was planting my flower gardens, I had a ton of great compost.  

I still give this product a grade of about an 8 out of 10.  I wish that there was a way to clean it out--I think it would be nice if we could hose it out or something.  

I hope this helps you decide if an "Indoor" Composter is for you.