Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Organized in June

I'm not teaching at my private violin studio this summer, but I am going to get organized in the house.  I thought about having it be the summer of organization, but that would be awful.  It would feel like I'm trying to clean and organize ALL THE TIME, so I broke it down to the month of June.  If you look at the calendar, you can break it down to five sections.
June 1-4:  Laundry Room, Hall closet, my desk
June 5-11:  Kitchen
June 12-18:  Living Room, Foyer, Main Bathroom
June 19-25:  Master Bedroom and Bathroom, Master closet
June 26-30:  Kids rooms and closets.

Follow me on my journey of organization.  I will do my best to include before and after pictures too.