Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Great Hair Experiment 2011

This is me with my daughter:

I am not a natural blonde (shhhh!!!)  I'm starting to get tired of the blonde and I'm ready to go closer to my natural color.  I came across the coolest hair makeover style tool at In Style.

I took a picture of me with my hair pulled back.  It is not the most flattering picture, but it totally worked on the site.  You want your hair out of the way so the hair styles will fit to your head and you get a "real" look at what it will look like.

I was messing around and found a bunch of ways you can make your look more "natural" looking.  You can take any hairstyle and change the color or how close it is from your face.  You can move it up and down, left and right with the little arrow tools too.  Pretty cool!  Check out my looks.   Which one would you chose for me?

Zooey Deschanel

This one creeps me out for some reason!

Sarah Palin Hair--just for fun!

Jennifer Aniston

Prince William?!?!  It is I, "Kate"  (wait, let me say it again with a British accent!)
I don't know why, but this one makes me look thinner, I think.....

This one reminds me most of what I "THINK" my natural hair color is....I wish I could remember.

My sexy Farrah 'do!

You should try the Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover tool!  It's awesome--there are some seriously funny 'dos out there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Win a trip to San Antonio, Texas!

Wouldn't it be nice to escape a Wisconsin Winter just for a weekend?  

Stop on over to a fellow momma blogger's page to have a chance to win a trip to San Antonio!  


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dehydrated Oregano

My house smells lovely right now.  It's a mix of coffee and oregano.  Weird combination, but it really does smell nice.  This morning, I dried some oregano.  I read somewhere that picking oregano right after the morning dew dries off will give it the best, freshest flavor.  Drying oregano also makes the flavor stronger too.

My husband clipped the oregano, and I washed and laid the oregano in the dehydrator.  1 hour later, voila!  Dried oregano.  I took each stem and crunched the leaves off onto a piece waxed paper that I had prefolded.  After I removed the leaves off all the branches for a tray, I carefully slid the oregano into the spice jar.  After three trays, I had a full oregano jar.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dehydrated Kale

Tonight I harvested a bunch of kale from my Earthbox.  Washed, cut and then dehydrated it.  My first time dehydrating and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow!
My washed and cut kale.

Four trays loaded and ready to go.

In the Nesco (made in Wisconsin). 

About 1 hour later.

Put in a jar to keep airtight.

I got a jar full and a snack-sized baggie full of dehydrated goodness!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All-American Month: Nesco Food Dehydrator

I have Earthboxes that I plant veggies for the summer months.  This year, my mom gave me a second Earthbox that I planted lettuce and kale.  The lettuce is working on it's second harvest and the kale is growing like CRAZY!!!  I love kale, but I have so much that I can't use it all.   One of my students gave me some dried kale last year and it was awesome!  Since I have such a huge surplus, I bought a Nesco Food Dehydrator.  AND it's made in the USA!  Even closer to home than that though--It is made in WISCONSIN!  YEAH!  I can't wait to use it this weekend!  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All-American Month: Tom's of Maine

I like thing to be as natural as possible.  Therefore, I'm a big fan of Tom's of Maine--

AND it just happens to be made in the USA!  Have you tried Tom's Toothpaste?  I love the Wicked Fresh kind.  Not too crazy mint, but just enough to give you that clean, fresh feeling you want after you brush your teeth.  I like the mouthwash too.

I've also used their deodorant too.  I like the Apricot kind.  I like fruity scents and this one is up my ally, plus it works.  :)

All-American Month: Washington DC Roadtrip!

Here it is, already July 13th!  Time has certainly flown by this summer. We were in Washington D.C. from July 1st-9th.  Well, we were actually there from July 3rd-7th, but we drove the other days.  The kids were actually pretty good on the road trip.  I, of course, packed too many things for them to do, but I'd rather have too much than too little.  We could have easily packed the ipods and ipad and left it at that, but I made my kids read and do other stuff.

Gwen ended up really sick at the end of the trip.  She had a fever over 103.5 and we didn't get to visit our friend that lives in the DC area.  :(  Our last day, we went to Georgetown Cupcake (aka-DC Cupcakes from TLC).  Oh my gosh!  They have the best cupcakes in the whole wide world.  I swear!!  After Georgetown Cupcake, we stopped at a museum for Boone and then, since we couldn't get our friends sick with Gwen's funk, we headed out of the DC area.  Gwen fell asleep and rested until about an hour outside of Pittsburgh.  When we woke up, she was so pathetic.  She just sat there and wouldn't eat or drink.  We pulled off the turnpike and stopped at a McDonald's.  We got her a chocolate shake--I was thinking that she'd get something in her system and maybe it would cool her down.  She took 3 or 4 sips and she then puked it all back up.  We called our insurance company and found a clinic that took our insurance.  In the meantime, a nice Pennsylvania guy gave us a couple of garbage bags-one to put our puked up stuff in and another for Gwen, should she need to puke again.

We took Gwen to the walk-in clinic.   Sure enough...ear infection.  We got some antibiotics and we were off to the northside of Pittsburgh.  Our goal was to drive on Saturday from Pittsburgh to just outside of Chicago.  We got through Chicago and then, in a moment of insanity, we decided to drive all the way home.  We were crazy, but home at 11:00 pm.

The trip was great.  We got to see almost everything we had hoped and enjoyed most of the trip.  I couldn't ask more from my kids.  They were good, especially with Gwen's illness.

Now that we're home, I've completed the laundry, I'm ready to share some of my Made in the USA finds with you all.  More later!