Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dehydrated Oregano

My house smells lovely right now.  It's a mix of coffee and oregano.  Weird combination, but it really does smell nice.  This morning, I dried some oregano.  I read somewhere that picking oregano right after the morning dew dries off will give it the best, freshest flavor.  Drying oregano also makes the flavor stronger too.

My husband clipped the oregano, and I washed and laid the oregano in the dehydrator.  1 hour later, voila!  Dried oregano.  I took each stem and crunched the leaves off onto a piece waxed paper that I had prefolded.  After I removed the leaves off all the branches for a tray, I carefully slid the oregano into the spice jar.  After three trays, I had a full oregano jar.