Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazing Crayon Art Tutorial

Once again, rules!

My first attempt:


I like the way you can see the texture in this picture.  

What you need:
Canvas of your choice
Crayola Crayons (the generic and cheapy ones don't melt as nice)
Splatter sheet
1" Black ribbon
Hot glue gun

I had to try this!  Bring on a JoAnn's coupon and a clearance!  I picked up a 16 X 20 canvas for a couple bucks.  I had a new box of 64 count Crayola crayons in the cabinet! So far, cost was about $2.15 for the canvas.  I used a red, plastic table cloth I picked up from the Dollar Store.  

What to do:
1.  Hot glue the Crayola Crayons to the top of the canvas.  I tend to be a bit OCD, so I had to make sure that all of the "Crayola" was pointed up.

2.  Set up your splatter area.  I over did it, but really all you need is about a foot on all sides of the canvas.

3.  Set your canvas on an angle on the splatter sheet.  I put a shoe under the splatter sheet to keep my canvas secured at the same angle for the entire project.

4.  Start warming your crayons.  I used the high heat setting, but the low air speed.  I didn't want my crayon to splatter, just drip.  

5.  The crayons will get all shiny right before they start to drip.  I worked one section at a time. 
Getting shiny!
Staring to drip!

6.  One it starts dripping, you have a little control with the air direction.  I wanted it to flow down, but also give my "art" some shape to it.  You kinda have to "chase" the melting crayon down the page with the hairdryer to the approximate place you'd like it to stop.  

7.  Work across the canvas with the dyer.  
8.  Finish your work and let it cool completely.
9.  I added a black, satin ribbon to the outside edge of the canvas to give it a more "finished and framed" look.  

10.  Hang on your wall.  So cool!

Note to readers:  It looks cooler IRL.  Enjoy!

Some tips I learned:  Use fewer darker blues and purples.  They tend to turn a very dark, almost black color.  Do not use browns or dark grays for the "rainbow" look.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burlap Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Have you heard of  It is literally heaven for anyone crafty, creative, or just plain alive.  I could spent hours on their website everyday.  I love checking out all the different ideas and trying my hand at their crafts.  The next couple of posts will be some of my attempts at some my pins from Pinterest.
My first attempt:
 I need to get some bigger ribbon for this bad boy, but I love it!

What you need:
4-ring box wire wreath 
About 3.75 yards of burlap
Sharpish scissors
Ribbon of your choice (I used 2" ribbon, but I'm swapping it out for a 4" ribbon)
Ability to tie a knot
Hot glue gun and the glue sticks

What to do:
Fold your burlap in half
Cut the burlap into 1.5 inch strips or so.  
Cut each strip into four sections.  The shorter strips will be about 12" long each.  
Start to tie the strips onto the wire wreath form.  I fit about 7 strips tied into each of the nine sections.  
Tie, tie, tie, tie, tie.....

Once the wreath is finished, trim your wreath to your desired "look".  Hot glue a bow onto your wreath.  Now that my bow is on, I need to get a bigger ribbon.  My suggestion, use 4" ribbon.  

Then vacuum up the burlap aftermath.  

Cost:  $8.50 for the wire wreath form and burlap.  I already had this ribbon.  I do need to get a new ribbon, so I'm guessing it will be about another $4 more.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pampered Chef Sandwich Press = Homemade Uncrustables Sandwiches

You've seen them.  Those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without the crust called  "Uncrustables"Sandwiches.  They even have them at Walt Disney World.  I've seen them sold for $2.60-$4.00 at the store for four sandwiches.  YIKES!  My daughter is taking cold lunches to school every day and at that price, I think it's pretty crazy.  Fun?  Yes.  Costly?  Absolutely.

I wanted to make ahead of time and put them in the freezer.  Time saver for me in the mornings when every minute counts.  I found that Pampered Chef makes this great little tool called the "Cut-n-Seal" Sandwich Press.   I ordered one online from their store and it was sent to me--no party required!

This morning, I got some fresh bread and started making my homemade Uncrustables!

For the plain PB sandwiches, I just put the peanut butter in the middle. 

Put it together and centered the Cut-n-Seal in the middle.  Pressed down and then wiggled it to make sure that the tool cut all the way through the bread.

This is what I was left with after cutting and sealing.  My composter is happy. 

When I made the PB&J sandwiches, I put peanut butter on both pieces of bread so the jelly wouldn't make the bread soggy. 
I made nine Homemade Crustable Sandwiches--I didn't use the heels of the bread, so I could have gotten 10 sandwiches out of one loaf.  My kids don't like the heel.  Sorry all you heel lovers.  

I labeled the ziplock baggies "PB" and "PB&J" and put them in the freezer. 

The Pampered Chef "Cut-n-Seal" tool is awesome!  Parents with kids that take cold lunch, run out and get one of these babies!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.