Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burlap Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Have you heard of Pinterest.com?  It is literally heaven for anyone crafty, creative, or just plain alive.  I could spent hours on their website everyday.  I love checking out all the different ideas and trying my hand at their crafts.  The next couple of posts will be some of my attempts at some my pins from Pinterest.
My first attempt:
 I need to get some bigger ribbon for this bad boy, but I love it!

What you need:
4-ring box wire wreath 
About 3.75 yards of burlap
Sharpish scissors
Ribbon of your choice (I used 2" ribbon, but I'm swapping it out for a 4" ribbon)
Ability to tie a knot
Hot glue gun and the glue sticks

What to do:
Fold your burlap in half
Cut the burlap into 1.5 inch strips or so.  
Cut each strip into four sections.  The shorter strips will be about 12" long each.  
Start to tie the strips onto the wire wreath form.  I fit about 7 strips tied into each of the nine sections.  
Tie, tie, tie, tie, tie.....

Once the wreath is finished, trim your wreath to your desired "look".  Hot glue a bow onto your wreath.  Now that my bow is on, I need to get a bigger ribbon.  My suggestion, use 4" ribbon.  

Then vacuum up the burlap aftermath.  

Cost:  $8.50 for the wire wreath form and burlap.  I already had this ribbon.  I do need to get a new ribbon, so I'm guessing it will be about another $4 more.