Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting wood floors soon!

We have carpet and laminate floors throughout the first floor of our home, with the exception of the tile in the foyer and the linoleum floors in the bathrooms.  When we built this house six years ago, we stuck to the budget and didn't go over the top in any department.

With that said, we are so excited to get some wood floors in our house in a couple of weeks!  We are getting the floors for three reasons:  1)  We didn't buy carpet that was meant to last a lifetime.  2) We have two young kids.  3)  We have two little dogs.  Lola, our Yorkie, is almost 10 years old.  She tends to piddle on the carpet now that she is getting older and our new dog, Sofie, finds the smell to be too tempting and she's begun to mark where Lola has gone.  I have used the carpet cleaner on our carpets to the point of it making our carpets rather thread-bare.

When we built the house, we had the intention of using the carpet until it was dead and then replacing it with some nicer wood floors.  We were hoping it would survive until our kids were a little older.  I think we made it.  I mean, the kids aren't dragging chairs or toys across the floor anymore.

So, we have to move all of our stuff out of the kitchen, living room, and hallway and get ready!  I can't wait to show you pictures of the before and after!  :)