Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute, Little Framed Hearts Tutorial

Fun Valentine Craft with a Pinterest inspiration: 
My attempt:  

My inspiration:  Pinterest.    

Isn't it so simple and pretty?  I didn't see a tutorial, so I made one up myself.  This was my first attempt, so it's not perfect, but cute enough and fun to boot!

I had some unused frames from Ikea in my basement, so I put one to work for this project.  

What you need:

White paper
Red paper or the color you want for your hearts 
Small size Zots Glue Dots
Heart paper punch.  
---I chose Fiskars 1-inch Squeeze Punch, That's Amore. 

How to make your Cute Little Framed Hearts in a Box:  

Measure out where you want your hearts to be.  I made my 1" apart with a 2" border.  I put a tiny little pencil mark on the page where I'd be putting the hearts.  
 Punch out your little hearts.  Punch out a few extra hearts in case the folds don't cooperate with you.
Start folding your hearts and pick your favorite little hearts.
Place one small sized Zots Dot on the back of the heart and place over the pencil mark.
 Once finished, fix all the hearts like you want them to look.  You can bend the edges up a little or lay sides down.  You are the artist--you decide!  It's hard to tell in the picture, but my hearts are a little more curled and more gently folded then the inspiration picture.
 Frame it up and hang!  Super inexpensive and super cute.  I love it!

I think my frame needs some cute flowers and stuff next to it, just like the Pinterest one.  :)