Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 12 Travel Desires in 2012

My travel list is always be modified, but as my life stands right now (husband, 8-year old son, 5-year old daughter, and two dogs) this is my top twelve travel destinations for 2012.  I'm sure that they will be different next year though.

1.  Walt Disney World   
I'm a self-proclaimed Disney lover and I could easily go to Disney at anytime.  :)  

2.  Turks and Caicos  
Looks like heaven to me.  I've never been on a full-on tropical getaway where I wasn't pinching EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. spring break, style.  I'd love to kick back and enjoy an all-inclusive resort like Beaches with the family.  Fantastic.  

3.  Paris, France  
Bonjour, Paris!  I've been a couple of times and I loved it.  So much wonderful going on in Paris.  I have to be honest here.  I want to go to Paris for completely different reasons.  My husband's mother, LouAnn, was a French teacher and Paris was her home away from home.  She adored Paris.  LouAnn passed away of breast cancer when I was expected our son and I always imagine that she would have wanted to take our kids to Europe and most specifically Paris.  To see her favorite city.  So I want to go to Paris and take the kids to Paris...just for LouAnn.  

4.  San Francisco, California
This city just seems cool and I'd like to see it for myself, and I've never been to California. 

5.  Beaver Creek, Colorado 
This is going on this list because we're headed here in June for a Suzuki Violin Institute.  We're hoping the weather will allow us to splurge and go on a hot air balloon ride.  Once in a lifetime experience for us all!

6.  Yellowstone National Park--IN WINTER
I know it's supposed to get to a GAZILLION degrees below zero, but I just think seeing the hot springs would be amazing.  Probably would leave the kids home for this trip.  I don't need any little kid-sicles.  :)

7.  Hawaii!  
Boone and I have always talked about going to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary (which we will be celebrating this year), but we just couldn't pull the trigger.  Maybe for our 15th anniversary.  I know when the time is right, it will fall together and it will be wonderful.  :)  

8.  Alaska.   I love amazing scenery and this place just seems loaded.  Sign me up!  

9.  Key West, Florida.    Something about being in the southern most point of the Continental US just floats my boat.  Plus, it's warm and sunny.  Ahhhh.....

10.   Australia....
Not so sure my kids could handle the flight, but I'd love to add this to the list.  G'day!

11.   London, England  
Spent almost 4 months living in London, England on my semester abroad and I've always wanted to go back.   I miss traveling and this city was amazing.  Plus, I have one, big regret.  All the time I was in London, I NEVER rode in a taxi cab.  I need to take a ride in a cab.  :)

12.   Multnomah Falls, Oregon.  
I need to see this beauty.  Located outside of Portland, Oregon, this waterfall is commonly called "Bridal Veil Waterfall".  I think it is amazing.  It's one of those "things" that you see a picture of and just get attached to in a weird way.  :)  

There it is.  My top 12 travel destinations for 2012.  Some need passports, others do not.   What about your dream destinations?  Where would you go if you could?  Enjoy your travel day dreams!