Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Garbage Day of the Year

It's no secret.  I love garbage day.   Really.  LOVE.  It's really serious.  I will watch the garbage pick-up people and hop up and down with glee.  I think it's amazing that you can pay someone to come to your house to get your grossest stuff and they take it away.  Yes, you pay, but it's seriously nasty stuff and they take it.  Good-bye doggy poo.  Good-bye used Kleenex.  You're outta here!

So, my favorite garbage day of the year is the garbage day between Christmas and New Year's. When are going to produce more garbage?  We have all the garbage from the boxes from Christmas and then we're home all week together cleaning up the stuff of the holidays and then I usually get "the bug" to clean something out.  This year it was about 3 years worth of magazines.  So, there is probably about 50 pounds of magazines in the recycling bins.   And Barrett got a desk for his birthday and Boone put that baby together after Christmas too.  Boxes, magazines, garbage!  Adios!