Friday, January 4, 2013

Praying to the Wrong Appliance God

So a couple days ago the fridge started making some weird noises.  So I started praying to the refrigerator god.
       "Dear Fridge God,   Please watch over my fridge.  I don't want to buy another refrigerator.  I like the one I have just fine.  Replacing things is never a whole lot of fun and it's only about 7.5 years old.  Please make my fridge all better now, ok?"

Last night I was doing laundry and found out that I was praying to the wrong appliance god.  Yep.  My clothes washer started whirring and then wouldn't drain.  Yeah.  Then it beeped, turned off and there was all the water in the tub.  Yeah.  I'm not super thrilled.

What people did before the washers told you what the heck was wrong with them is beyond me.  The washer told me that the pump was pissed and I texted Boone.  Super great news for Boone considering he wasn't feeling well.

Boone cleaned out about $3 in change, a couple pencils, an eraser, a barrette, some random metal things, an spent shell from a gun (my guess is from during deer hunting), and some other junk, but that didn't fix it.  He had to take the pump apart and about a cup and a half of sludge came pouring out with it's nasty smell.  Good news!  He fixed it!!!!

Now I know, I have to pray to the "Appliance Gods" in general and not just the Refrigerator God.  I don't want to piss anyone off anymore.