Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ripped from Pinterest and Etsy: My Headband Holder Tutorial

I made a headband holder/organizer for my daughter's MOUNTAIN of headbands. Actually, it was a big ole bucket of headbands.  Now, thankfully, that big bucket is gone and we have this cute storage solution to take it's place.

This is what I made:
And here is how I came to this great, crafty, inexpensive awesomeness.

1).  When I want something awesome and crafty, I go to and I search for it.  Now many times, I support the artists on Etsy, because I don't even know where to start or what to do, but this time, I thought I'd give it a go.  For this cuteness, I searched for "headband organizer".  Now a zillion crafty things came up, but the Etsy artist Everlastings by Sue's cute stuff really caught my eye.  Here is a picture of her great work. I love her ribbon bows on the end, but I didn't have any wide ribbon that matched my fabric.  Next time, I guess.

Cute, huh?  Now, since I'm trying to use up stuff that I have and I love being crafty, I thought this was my kinda thing.  Plus, I gave me a chance to use some of this great mermaid fabric that I caved and bought for Gwen's redecorated room.  I'm such a sucker. 

One big problem though, I didn't really know the "OFFICIAL" way to make a nice looking bolster pillow.  Which leads us to step two.

2).  Go to and look for a good DIY Bolster Pillow Tutorial.  Now there are many different DIY's, Tutorials, and links for how to make your very own bolster.  I went through a bunch and then  BINGO!   I found the one that spoke to me the most.  The Bolster Pillow Tutorial I followed was here.  

Take Steps 1 and 2 and put them together.  

I ripped out a bolster pillow out of a pillow I had in the basement already and I only had to buy one pillow form.  I used some ribbon I already had that matched the mermaid fabric and sewed the ribbons to the gathered ends of the bolsters.  I used some flowers that I had gotten dirt cheap last fall on clearance and a little bit of hot glue. I was careful only to get the glue on the fabric and not on the opening to the bolster, so if I want to cut the fabric off the pillow form for another project some day, I can.  

Whoopie!  I love it so much, I'm gonna share my picture again!  I managed to cram about 28 headbands on both holders and it's saving us a ton of room on her dresser.  

And if you're not the crafty type, I'd recommend heading over to Etsy and Everlastings by Sue and pick one up.  The prices are great and she has a ton of fabric and color choices.  


Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm a Magazine Addict

Hi, my name is Janelle and I'm a magazine addict.  Spring Cleaning has continued and I hit the magazine rack last night.  OMG.  I get 24 printed magazines every month and that doesn't even count the magazines I get on my iPad.  I had no idea!

Some of these piles have up to six months of magazines under the top magazine too.  I have some serious reading to do this week!  There are a few magazines that I know that are almost ready to expire and I probably won't renew my subscription, but almost every magazine I got at an extreme discount--like $4.00 for a year or even FREE with my Coke Points rewards.  Off to read!


I found this in my high school AP Macro Economics folder that I unearthed during my Spring Cleaning this week.  Since I've been working this year on my resolutions, I thought I'd share.  There is no author attributed.  


No one will ever get out of this world alive.

Resolve therefore in the year to come to maintain a sense of values.

Take care of yourself.  Good health is everyone's major source of wealth.  Without it, happiness is almost impossible.

Resolve to be cheerful and helpful.  People will repay you in kind.  

Avoid angry, abrasive person.  They are generally vengeful.

Avoid zealots.  They are generally humorless.

Resolve to listen more and talk less.  No one ever learns anything by talking. 

Be chary of giving advice.  Wise men don't need it, and fools won't heed it.  

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong.  Sometime in life you will be all of these.  

Do not equate money with success.  There are many successful money-makers who are miserable failures as human beings.  What counts most about success is how a man achieves it.  

Resolve to love next year someone you didn't love this year.  Love is the most enriching ingredient of life.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sticking to my Resolutions

This year's New Year's Resolution was to use up stuff that I have and not buy my hoarded stuff.  Like my massive collection of eye liners and eyebrow pencils.  Since New Year's Day, I've realized that I have a HUGE collection of travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and bars of soaps.  When my hubby travels for work, he brings them home because he knows that I hate to waste those things from the hotel.  In January, the kids school did a collection for the food pantry and I gave a gallon-size bag full of those little babies.  Cleaned out a good drawer bottom and I've been using travel-sized shampoo and conditioner since.  After a couple of months, I'm almost done with my travel-sized clean-out!  Honestly though, I don't think I will need to buy bar soap for the next four years.

Now I'm on to my next hoard---Take out cutlery.

I knew that I had this weird little hoard before, but I would find a reason to get rid of my stash.  School picnic?  I'll donate 100 forks, knives, and napkins all wrapped up!  Family reunion?  I've got it covered!  Why I stash this stuff is beyond me?  I don't like using them, so when we get them, I throw them in the back of the cutlery drawer for that weird rainy day when we "need" them.  Except, when we have small parties, I don't like using plastic, so I don't.  So, I'm using them up this week and now when we order out, I request no utensils!  Less plastic, less junk, LESS!

By the way, I'm down one eye liner and one eyebrow pencil---ALL USED UP!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love my FitBit One

My hubby, Boone and I have FitBit One pedometer thingies.  They're great.  I have mine on me at all times.  Here is a snapshot of my FitBit and I want you to tell me when I was sick, and when I was at Disney World.
Yes, I don't always get 10,000 steps in, but remember, it's January and it's frickin' cold.  I'll do better when it's warmer.  

I'm going to order stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY so I don't have to get the mail at the mailbox.

So in February it's -25 degrees.  In other words, it's frickin' cold.  I ended up getting some deliveries and some over-sized mail a couple days in a row and it gave me the best idea.  I think I'm going to order stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY so I don't have to go outside to get the mail.  The mail carrier brings the mail up to my door and puts it on our front porch bench.  LOVE!
See my mail?  It's right next to my door.  I don't even have to go all the way out the door!

So we went on vacation and lost my cord

At the end of January, we went on vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!!  And then we lost my camera cord.  Boo.

So, it's back!  I stuck to my New Year's Resolution and I knew that we didn't forget it and I kept looking and asking my hubby and viola!  It was found!  I'm so happy.  So, y'all get some old pictures and moments from my life from the last couple months.