Monday, March 18, 2013

Sticking to my Resolutions

This year's New Year's Resolution was to use up stuff that I have and not buy my hoarded stuff.  Like my massive collection of eye liners and eyebrow pencils.  Since New Year's Day, I've realized that I have a HUGE collection of travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and bars of soaps.  When my hubby travels for work, he brings them home because he knows that I hate to waste those things from the hotel.  In January, the kids school did a collection for the food pantry and I gave a gallon-size bag full of those little babies.  Cleaned out a good drawer bottom and I've been using travel-sized shampoo and conditioner since.  After a couple of months, I'm almost done with my travel-sized clean-out!  Honestly though, I don't think I will need to buy bar soap for the next four years.

Now I'm on to my next hoard---Take out cutlery.

I knew that I had this weird little hoard before, but I would find a reason to get rid of my stash.  School picnic?  I'll donate 100 forks, knives, and napkins all wrapped up!  Family reunion?  I've got it covered!  Why I stash this stuff is beyond me?  I don't like using them, so when we get them, I throw them in the back of the cutlery drawer for that weird rainy day when we "need" them.  Except, when we have small parties, I don't like using plastic, so I don't.  So, I'm using them up this week and now when we order out, I request no utensils!  Less plastic, less junk, LESS!

By the way, I'm down one eye liner and one eyebrow pencil---ALL USED UP!!