Monday, April 29, 2013

My American Girl Outlet Store Visit

Whoo Hoo!  Last weekend, my mom and I went to the American Girl Outlet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

I took lots of pictures but, I only bought a few things.   I totally could have spent a buttload of cash at the store though.  They don't sell dolls, but all the accessories have a good discount and are worth the drive for my princess.


Yes, this American Girl shower came home with me.  He he he!  Gwen will love it!

Gwen saw this picture and was begging for this bed for her dollies, but alas, it didn't come home with us.  

So cute!  

They have books and craft kits too.  I think I may get some of these next time for Christmas!  

An overview of the store.  The little girls clothes and displays.  

Coleslaw face

Barrett is 9.5 and not a fan of NEW foods.  He has a lot of foods that he'll eat, but he just a little hesitant about *some* new foods for some reason.  So today we got some coleslaw from the deli and had Barrett give it a go.  Here is his awesome coleslaw face.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Saint Nick and the Tooth Fairy went on a Date to Starbucks....Kinda

Ok.  One more Tooth Fairy story, then I'll quit.

When I was tucking Gwen into bed last night, she was remembering when she lost her first tooth.  It just happened to be the same night that St. Nick visits and puts treats and toys in the kids shoes.

Gwen told me that she thinks that when the Tooth Fairy came to drop off her money, that St. Nick and the Tooth Fairy met up at Starbucks for a cappuccino after they were done with their important work.  BUT, (and this is the important part) it wasn't a date, but it kinda was.  They were just meeting up because they just happened to be in the same town and maybe, just maybe they ran into each other at our house and it would be rude not to have a nice visit at a place where no one would "catch" them being St. Nick and the Tooth Fairy.

Now I'd like to hang out at Starbucks, get a cappuccino just to see who will walk in.  

Pottery Barn Kids has adorable mermaid stuff!

As you know, I've been redecorating Gwen's room in a Little Mermaid theme and I found these super adorable mermaid sheets on Pottery Barn Kids last week.  I ordered this week during a free shipping day and I got them delivered from the UPS truck.  Of course, they are the great quality you expect of PBK and the pattern and print colors are fun and bright.  So perfect for my little mermaid.  And I don't post until I have a visual confirmation of it's adorable-ness and OH MAN!!!  They are SUPER CUTE!!

They also have a few other mermaid items that I will be watching for a sale and free shipping.  I'm worried though.  Next week, my mom and I will be going to Minneapolis for my birthday and I may be tempted to visit PBK and get a few more things!  SO SUPER CUTE!

If I had only girls, I'd be all over a mermaid shower curtain!

See?  CUTE!  I love you, PBK.  

Gwen and the Tooth Necklace Part II

Picked up the girl and she did NOT have a necklace.  When I asked her what happened she told me she got "all distracted in her work".

But that came out last night!  No necklace required.  She was so excited too and in total crazy mom fashion I caught the moment in picture, because Boone was away at a work dinner meeting.

Here she's counting down to the "BIG TWIST".  

The moment she realized it popped out!  LOVE the eyes!  

What follows is little girl glee.......and the pictures we sent to Daddy to show him Gwen's success.     

Now I'm tempted to track down one of those darned tooth necklaces too.  Maybe the Tooth fairy will have one for next time she stops by.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gwen and the Tooth Necklace

Gwen has this loose tooth.  I think loose teeth are kinda gross and I let Boone handle this part of stuff.  Sticking my hands in someone else's mouth is nasty.  Plus, I just don't like the kind of stuff that could potentially inflict some kind of pain on our children.  Removing slivers, most bloody stuff, teeth, that kind of stuff.  I don't want to actually inflict more pain to make them feel better.  I just can't do it.  (Being a medical professional was NOT in my cards.)  I'm a boo-boo kissing mama.  I scoop up kiddos, cradle them, sing and calm them down to make it all better.

Back to the story at hand.  Gwen has only lost one tooth and Boone "helped" pull that one out, but she's like a shark.  Her adult tooth is already in behind the baby tooth and she actually needs to just get up the guts to make the baby tooth fall out.  This time, she wants to do it "ON HER OWN"!  She finally, last night, got up some excitement and started wiggling.  She was all for it coming out.  Then she stopped short, and right before that darned tooth was to come out too.  It's just hanging on there too.  Even I, the person who won't inflict pain, could and almost would just reach in there, twist and the Tooth Fairy would be on her way to our house in her cute little tutu to drop off some money.  But NO!  Gwen tells me that her teacher has these great "tooth necklaces" if you lose a tooth at school and she wants to wait and pull her tooth out at school so she can get one and....and....and.....  Gwen wants a necklace.

For real.

So we carefully brushed her teeth and prayed that she wouldn't swallow her tooth while she slept.

This is how I sent her to school today.  All of her teeth intact.  Man, I hope that girl comes home with a new accessory around her neck and we don't have to go through this all over again.  Goofy girl!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10,000 Baby!

Today was a great day.  If you look past the major caffeine withdrawal I was having this evening, tonight just keeps on getting better!

And to top it off, I came to peek at my blog numbers and I caught it at exactly 10,000 views!  AWESOME!

YIPPEEE!!!!!!  I feel all fancy like.

Has it come to this? My Coke Zero Addiction.

I love Coke Zero, the way some people love coffee.  I mean it.  It's a full-on addiction.  L.O.V.E.  I wake up the morning and crack some open and have some for my morning drink.  Just like "regular" people have coffee.  It's how I take my vitamins.   For real.    

I know all the terrible things it does to your body.  I've watched the videos and read the reports.  I probably could drink a 2-liter bottle a day, if I let myself....but I don't.  I've cut back though.  I drink a can in the morning, one for lunch, and then usually one at the studio.  

I've recently tried to cut back on the one at the studio and have been mainly having water at the studio, unless I'm fighting a migraine.  I've been doing better, EXCEPT.....I've noticed that as soon as I drink the stuff, I get this all gross tummy feeling.  Just a bit of nausea.  I don't know what the deal is, but I don't think I can drink it any more!  I've maxed out on my sweet nectar of the gods!  Coke Zero, how could this happen with us?  We were such a great combination.  HOW am I going to get up and go?  Just sleep?!?!?!  

As of today, I'm just having the ONE can in the morning and that's it.  For real.  No more after that.  Heaven help me through this day, but I'm cutting this crap out of my life.  It makes me feel like garbage and I know it's bad for you.  If I don't like the taste of vitamins, I need to take them with juice.  

Maybe I'll actually drink coffee?!?!  Heck, I love the smell of it.  Who knows where this may lead?

Just think of the money I'll save.  I bet I could take a vacation to the Caribbean   (It'll be short.)   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I made a pillow today: Tutorial

Rock on, people.  I think I have the winter blues.  Yes, it's the end of April, but this winter's been brutal.  It keeps on snowing and it's been so cold.  So today, I crafted my blues away.

Sunday I was tired of my old down pillow cover, so I took it off and tossed it.  I bought some pretty, cream colored fabric and today I sewed the pillow cover together.

BTW.  Before I got the fabric to recover the pillow, I washed the down pillow and it took FOREVER to dry.  Seriously.  I think it was in the dryer for about 8 hours.   I threw in a slipper to help it fluff and stuff too.  I guess it was a seriously DOWN pillow.

I cut the fabric to have about a 1/2 inch around the old pillow cover.  Pinned the right sides together and sewed three sides together and the corners of the fourth side.    Remember to trim the corners when you flip it inside out!

Boone helped me stuff the pillow back into the new cream colored pillow cover and then I hand-sewed the pillow case closed.  

Here's my finished pillow!  I like that it's light and bright and pretty.  It's a nice change from the red with spots that we had before too.  I love the embroidery on the fabric.  Pretty and feminine to help balance our strong, leather couch.  I'm going to get some more of the same fabric and make one more of these pillows on Thursday or Friday--I love the look!  Quick, simple pillow!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Target REorganize Junk Drawer Makeover BATHROOM!

It's official.  I'm addicted to the Target REorganize Junk Drawer organizers.  I didn't catch a before picture because I was so quick to start organizing, but here is my bathroom drawer AFTER with the Junk Drawer Organizer.  Such a great price for so much storage and organization help in the drawer!

less mind-losing and other random updates

After this past week, I feel like I won't be losing my mind quite as much.  Thank goodness!

I had a big ole concert that had all of my students and the students of three other teachers involved and it's a lot to undertake.  Making sure everyone is coordinated, students prepared, advanced students have their harmonies learned and/or parts at the ready.  All that stuff takes a toll and I haven't slept well in about two and a half weeks.

My programs only had two small mistakes--oops!  But the kids sounded great and now I can refocus my energy on the upcoming solo recital for about a third of the studio and then work on getting the summer schedule all set.

My neighbor and I also decided to have a garage sale in May, so I'll be starting to get ready for that after the recital is over, but first things first, right?!?!

Here's to a new week and getting it all done in awesome fashion.

BTW--Boone and I drove past the house that I fell in love with.  Still love the house, but I hate the location of the house in regards to the road.  It's so super close to the road, so that one's is out.  Bummer.  The wait continues....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kids Birthday Balloon Love Notes Surprise Tutorial

A few months ago, we celebrated Barrett's 9th birthday and I did something extra special for him and it only cost a few bucks!  I went to our local Dollar Store and picked up nine star-shaped mylar balloons and then I took scrapbook paper and wrote nine things that we love about him on each one.  I used a paper punch and then put the ribbon through the hole and tied it.  I put them around his room and let him come home from school to this wonderful surprise.

Barrett loved all the things we love about him.  

Gwen says she can't wait for her birthday for her "birthday balloon love notes".

For less than $10, this birthday surprise was Barrett's favorite part of his birthday.  So sweet.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm in love with this house UPDATED: Now with pictures

I'm in love with this house and I've only seen a few pictures of it.  I'm tempted to call a realtor, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to a realtor.  I'm afraid if I look, I'll REALLY love it and want to buy.    Sigh......

And now I even caught Boone looking at it last night too.

Is?  Isn't the light great?  Yard looks really nice.  :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crackers and Eyeliner


Yesterday at Barrett's First Holy Communion party, I used up two and a half boxes of crackers and I hit the end of an eyeliner.  

Such an exciting life I lead!  Whoop!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Little Boy's First Communion Pictures

I've been working on my photography skills and slowly, but surely, I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Today was Barrett's First Holy Communion.  I was super emotional, but I didn't cry.  We couldn't take pictures in church today.  Yesterday at the rehearsal, we could take some pictures.  Here are a few pictures and a few portraits we got of my little boy.

Ok...I had a ton of fun with the stained glass window, but I wanted to share with you the profile where you could and could not see his face.

Saying his prayers

See the next couple, you can kinda see his face a little bit.  

 If they could only be this angelic all the time. 

My little boy isn't so little anymore.....(wiping a tear).

Golly do I love his eyes.  My boy.  

The two trouble makers together.  If Barrett looks like he has trouble in his eye, it's probably because he was just about to pinch his little sister.  I can't wait to get this one printed.