Friday, April 26, 2013

Gwen and the Tooth Necklace Part II

Picked up the girl and she did NOT have a necklace.  When I asked her what happened she told me she got "all distracted in her work".

But that came out last night!  No necklace required.  She was so excited too and in total crazy mom fashion I caught the moment in picture, because Boone was away at a work dinner meeting.

Here she's counting down to the "BIG TWIST".  

The moment she realized it popped out!  LOVE the eyes!  

What follows is little girl glee.......and the pictures we sent to Daddy to show him Gwen's success.     

Now I'm tempted to track down one of those darned tooth necklaces too.  Maybe the Tooth fairy will have one for next time she stops by.