Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gwen and the Tooth Necklace

Gwen has this loose tooth.  I think loose teeth are kinda gross and I let Boone handle this part of stuff.  Sticking my hands in someone else's mouth is nasty.  Plus, I just don't like the kind of stuff that could potentially inflict some kind of pain on our children.  Removing slivers, most bloody stuff, teeth, that kind of stuff.  I don't want to actually inflict more pain to make them feel better.  I just can't do it.  (Being a medical professional was NOT in my cards.)  I'm a boo-boo kissing mama.  I scoop up kiddos, cradle them, sing and calm them down to make it all better.

Back to the story at hand.  Gwen has only lost one tooth and Boone "helped" pull that one out, but she's like a shark.  Her adult tooth is already in behind the baby tooth and she actually needs to just get up the guts to make the baby tooth fall out.  This time, she wants to do it "ON HER OWN"!  She finally, last night, got up some excitement and started wiggling.  She was all for it coming out.  Then she stopped short, and right before that darned tooth was to come out too.  It's just hanging on there too.  Even I, the person who won't inflict pain, could and almost would just reach in there, twist and the Tooth Fairy would be on her way to our house in her cute little tutu to drop off some money.  But NO!  Gwen tells me that her teacher has these great "tooth necklaces" if you lose a tooth at school and she wants to wait and pull her tooth out at school so she can get one and....and....and.....  Gwen wants a necklace.

For real.

So we carefully brushed her teeth and prayed that she wouldn't swallow her tooth while she slept.

This is how I sent her to school today.  All of her teeth intact.  Man, I hope that girl comes home with a new accessory around her neck and we don't have to go through this all over again.  Goofy girl!