Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I made a pillow today: Tutorial

Rock on, people.  I think I have the winter blues.  Yes, it's the end of April, but this winter's been brutal.  It keeps on snowing and it's been so cold.  So today, I crafted my blues away.

Sunday I was tired of my old down pillow cover, so I took it off and tossed it.  I bought some pretty, cream colored fabric and today I sewed the pillow cover together.

BTW.  Before I got the fabric to recover the pillow, I washed the down pillow and it took FOREVER to dry.  Seriously.  I think it was in the dryer for about 8 hours.   I threw in a slipper to help it fluff and stuff too.  I guess it was a seriously DOWN pillow.

I cut the fabric to have about a 1/2 inch around the old pillow cover.  Pinned the right sides together and sewed three sides together and the corners of the fourth side.    Remember to trim the corners when you flip it inside out!

Boone helped me stuff the pillow back into the new cream colored pillow cover and then I hand-sewed the pillow case closed.  

Here's my finished pillow!  I like that it's light and bright and pretty.  It's a nice change from the red with spots that we had before too.  I love the embroidery on the fabric.  Pretty and feminine to help balance our strong, leather couch.  I'm going to get some more of the same fabric and make one more of these pillows on Thursday or Friday--I love the look!  Quick, simple pillow!