Monday, April 22, 2013

less mind-losing and other random updates

After this past week, I feel like I won't be losing my mind quite as much.  Thank goodness!

I had a big ole concert that had all of my students and the students of three other teachers involved and it's a lot to undertake.  Making sure everyone is coordinated, students prepared, advanced students have their harmonies learned and/or parts at the ready.  All that stuff takes a toll and I haven't slept well in about two and a half weeks.

My programs only had two small mistakes--oops!  But the kids sounded great and now I can refocus my energy on the upcoming solo recital for about a third of the studio and then work on getting the summer schedule all set.

My neighbor and I also decided to have a garage sale in May, so I'll be starting to get ready for that after the recital is over, but first things first, right?!?!

Here's to a new week and getting it all done in awesome fashion.

BTW--Boone and I drove past the house that I fell in love with.  Still love the house, but I hate the location of the house in regards to the road.  It's so super close to the road, so that one's is out.  Bummer.  The wait continues....