Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Mermaid Room Bubble Mobile Tutorial

 My six-year old princess wanted her room repainted and decorated to be a Little Mermaid Room and I put her off until mid-March.  Here is a mobile that I made that added a little fun to her room.

I bought a cheap, gold 18" metal hoop and covered it in a funky yarn that she chose.  Then I used 10 pound weight fishing line to create a pie pattern on the hoop to hang more strings of beads.

It's not perfect, but you get the idea.

I started in the center with the longest string of iridescent "bubble" beads and I would take a smaller seed bead to use as a stopper for the bigger bead hole. (I used the biggest iridescent beads I could find at JoAnn's.  I bought two sizes.  Big and the next smaller size.)  I'd tie a knot around the seed bead to stop it from moving and then put the big bubble bead on the fishing line.  I'd put the next seed bead up about 3-4" tie a knot and add another bubble.  I tied the entire string to the main frame and then I started again on another string.  

I have the longest in the middle of the circle.   About half way from the center of the circle and the edge, I put another string of beads.  This time I alternated big bubble beads and smaller bubble beads and I also found some great purple and turquoise "pearl" beads too.  

On the outside of the hoop, I tied my last set of strings.  These are the shortest.  The graduated lengths give it a little more flow, I think.  

This craft takes a little time and patience, but it's worth it.  

After you're done stringing all of your beads, I used a 1.5" ribbon and tied three lengths to the height I wanted it to be from the ceiling.  I cut the ribbon with a "V" to make it all purty and then used fray check to finish the ends.  

I hung it with a Command Adhesive Hook and it was done!  My daughter loves it and it adds a little bit of that under the sea that she loves!

Here's a view from where my daughter's head is when she sleeps.  

More Little Mermaid room Makeover to come in future blog posts!