Friday, April 26, 2013

Pottery Barn Kids has adorable mermaid stuff!

As you know, I've been redecorating Gwen's room in a Little Mermaid theme and I found these super adorable mermaid sheets on Pottery Barn Kids last week.  I ordered this week during a free shipping day and I got them delivered from the UPS truck.  Of course, they are the great quality you expect of PBK and the pattern and print colors are fun and bright.  So perfect for my little mermaid.  And I don't post until I have a visual confirmation of it's adorable-ness and OH MAN!!!  They are SUPER CUTE!!

They also have a few other mermaid items that I will be watching for a sale and free shipping.  I'm worried though.  Next week, my mom and I will be going to Minneapolis for my birthday and I may be tempted to visit PBK and get a few more things!  SO SUPER CUTE!

If I had only girls, I'd be all over a mermaid shower curtain!

See?  CUTE!  I love you, PBK.