Sunday, April 7, 2013

REorganize Room Essentials Interlocking Trays Drawer Makeover

I found these great trays called REorganize Room Essential 8-pc Interlocking Tray Set last week at Target and I completely reorganized my kids bathroom drawers.  I had to get more!  They are only $9.89.

 I bought another set today to reorganize my bathroom drawer.  I used all but the three little trays.  I'm going to use those for my sewing room to hold bobbins and stuff.

Here is a before and after of my bathroom drawer.  Eek!  Don't judge unless you show me your messy bathroom drawers now.
Before! Errrr...I do happen to have five boxes of band-aids and eight containers of floss.  I can see how these interlocking trays will help me stay organize and save money by not buying items over again.  

After!!!!  I only threw away a couple band-aids that were ripped open and some expired travel tylenol.  

I love these little boxes.  I keep finding reasons to buy them and REorganize.  LOVE!