Friday, April 12, 2013

REorganize Room Essentials Junk Drawer Organizer Makeover

I was back at it again.  I went back to Target to pick up some groceries and I went through my favorite organizing aisle.  This time, I found this great Junk Drawer Organizing System.  It's two organizers that fit into one another.  And for the less than $7.00, I gave it a go.
Don't you love how the picture of Target's junk drawer has a pair of scissors, some paper clips and a couple other little things.  Come on, Target!  My junk drawer gets so full of crap sometimes, I can't shut the darned thing!!

Here's what it looks like unfilled with all my JUNK!  

They give you these great "suggestions" on what to put in the drawer, expect I didn't really follow them. I put what would fit from my drawer in there.  

 Here's my before AND just like last time, no judging unless you show me your junk drawer too.
And here's my AFTER!  I feel like I should have a choir of angels singing to show you what I've done with the drawer.   There was about 6-7" of space left for the back for items that didn't fit in the organizer, so I put the other large tape dispenser, the matches and a large battery charger cord back there.  Items that, if we need to get out, we can easy remove the Target REorganize Room Essentials Junk Drawer Organizer and get to it in a few seconds.  It was a snap.  I also found out I had a ton of paper clips.

I'm addicted to cleaning my drawers now, but is that REALLY a problem?