Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Star Wars Fighter Pods vs. Disney Princess Squinkies

A war was waged in my daughter's room yesterday after school.  I'm not quite sure who was the winner, but it was entertaining.

See the awesome Star Wars Fighter Pods set?  My nine year old son, Barrett loves them.  There was even a crash landing in the purple rug by a space ship AND a princess carriage.  It got all crazy in there.  
The front lines.  It doesn't look well for the ladies, but wardrobe from "Beauty and the Beast" is still standing strong.  

No matter what may be happening on the ground though, Cindy and Charming still are getting hitched by Ariel and Sebastian is singing their wedding song.  

*****At least, this is what my kids told me this is what was going on during these pictures. ******