Monday, May 20, 2013

Easy Tulle Canopy Tutorial

The redecorating of Gwen's Little Mermaid's room is getting close to finished.  We just a few more little things to do and then I have to call this one complete.

Our most recent addition has been a super easy canopy that I made out of pinky-purple glitter tulle.  I liked that it matched the ribbon thingy on her bedspread.  The tulle is not the crunchy kind, but the softer kind.  Gwen helped pick it out the tulle, therefore there must be GLITTER!!

It was super easy to make.  The length of our canopy was about 10".  We didn't go to the floor, but just behind her bed and about under her head.  I used two strips of tulle to make it more full.  I didn't sew the tulle together, but just overlapped them tulle and you don't even notice that they are not sewed together.  Gotta love tulle!

I painted two dowels a silver color, because I had silver in my paint box.  My dowels are 33" long.  I cut them because the stickers were a pain to get off and I didn't want them to over-power the bed space.

I sewed the a dowel rod pocket to fit the dowel and slid the dowel in.  I had a 3" hem.  I used my regular stitch too.  Nothing fancy. I thought it would be a nightmare to sew through, but it wasn't!  Sweet!

Here is the pinned tulle.  

Here is the sewed hem on the tulle.  I love the finished edge on the tulle.  

Once the tulle was on the rod, I had to hang it on the wall and ceiling.  This is where I had Boone's help.  I used 3-M Command Adhesive Hooks to hold the wall rod.  We placed them down about 8".  Place the hooks as directed.  Make sure they are level!

Then hang the ceiling eye or hooks.  I got my hooks at Menards.  Measure twice or three times.  

Turn your hooks so if the fabric gets pulled, the dowel won't get pulled down.  

Hang the fabric behind the second, wall dowel.   

Arrange the "swoop" to your desired look.  I liked it low enough that it didn't interfere with the Little Mermaid poster.
Ta da!!