Friday, May 31, 2013

I had feeling it was going to be a magical day

One of my many errands yesterday was to Target.  Just as I stepped out of the car, I found bright, shiny quarter on the ground.  I chose to believe that it was going to be a great, magical day.  Sure enough too.  I was so busy.  I stopped at a zillion places, but I was getting stuff done.

  • I sold two bins of kids stuff to Once Upon a Child.
  • I finally got an end table for our Living Room that was plain and could fit Sofie's little doggie house underneath.
  • I got some crafty stuff from JoAnn's to use as a pick-me-up, just in case the week was still going to be the pits.
  • I bought a new bra (my favorite bra broke the day my studio flooded) with a coupon.  Yeah!
  • I returned some stuff to the Gap.
  • I went to the Post Office
  • I went to the Bank.
  • I had lunch.
  • I did three loads of laundry
  • Three house of putting stuff away.
  • Mowed over half the lawn before the mower ran out of gas and it started to rain (again).
  • and....of course, I went to Target.

I also picked up Lola from the vet.  It ended up that she did have a VERY bad ear infection in her left hear and also an ear infection in her right.  I felt horrible.  Then they also think she has an eye infection.  It's hard for us to tell, because she's going blind and she's constantly tearing.  So I left spending the same amount of money that I got from Once Upon a Child.  I guess all was even, right?

When I picked up the kids, they each had a flower for me.  Sweet, huh?  The flowers were a "Thank You" for all my volunteer work during the school year.  I NEVER get flowers.  It was so nice.  It was the best part of my week.

As I was driving down our street, I get a call from my friend (and studio-Suzuki parent), Carrie.  She told me that she left me something by my door.  I get home and there they are.

These happy, wonderful flowers (and did you know that blue is my favorite color?)!  For serious!  It was such a great end of a busy day and a not-so-great week.  It totally turned my week around.  

I also think that the flowers also made the sun come out.  Serious happiness.  Thank you, Carrie.  You're the best!  :)