Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm not a violent person, but.... My Garage Sale Story

I'm not a violent person, but I was ready to become one this morning.

We opened our garage sale at 7:45 am.  Bright and early or shall I say FREEZING and early.  (Seriously, it was 32 degrees and we had a freeze advisory last night.)

We had two or three people from 7:45-10:30 am.  Until one of our neighbors came by and told us someone up the cul-de-sac was having a garage sale and was "using" our signs and wasn't sending people our way.

So, people turning down our street got to their crap-tastic garage sale, shopped there, and left the street not knowing that we were down here the LAST. TWO. DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My friend who was helping me out and had stuff in the sale went up there to ask them to send people down to our sale said that the poachers wouldn't even reply to her.  Practically didn't even reply to her being there.  What a load of garbage.

I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

We went up there and posted a sign that there was another garage sale right by their "poaching" garage sale.  After that we ended up doing really great, but the damage was already done.  We only had an hour and half left of our sale and I had an appointment at 1:00, so we couldn't stay open later.

I ask you....what kind of people do this kind of thing?  Really?  I mean, the "garage sale shoppers" had already shopped your garage sale, all you have to do is mention that we have a sale down the street.  They're using our signs already, they can AT LEAST mention we're here!  They old people junk too.  We had kids stuff.  It's not even the same stuff!  JEESH!

I think I'm to keep everything in the garage and open up on Thursday morning and see if I can drum up some traffic to clear out some more of our stuff.

I'm totally burned out from garage sales.  Not having one next year.  This post vent to you all and to remind me that it's just not worth it.

Sell the big stuff on Craigslist, people.  Donate the rest.  Save yourselves the trouble of wack-job people up the street.