Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Mermaid Purple Ombre Ruffle Valance Curtain Tutorial (Sorta)

I made this AMAZING Purple Ombre Ruffle Valance Curtain for Gwen's Little Mermaid room this week with my mom's help.  I have so much love for this panel, I can't tell you.  The inspiration and original tutorial came from this pinterest post at Me and Madeline,  so this is a tutorial...sorta.  It's more of my experience through this tutorial with my twist.  Plus, my window was totally different and I had a different kind of curtain rod, so we adjusted as we went along.

So if you want all the sorted details, go to the link above, but admire here.  :)

I bought four different colors of purple.  The curtain rod "sleeve" was the same color as the top color.  You can also see the white back color.  You could have used the same color as the ruffle, but the tutorial called for white, so that's what I used.  

My window was 51" on the outside of the wood frame.   I purchased 45" fabric and just cut three strips of each color, so really it was 135" long for each ruffled strip (pre-ruffled) without them being sewed together or the ends turned under.  Get extra fabric for the top rod pocket.  I made the top pocket about 7" (including the hem allowance).  
We cut the fabric for the sleeve and white liner strips to be 55" long, once hemmed, they were about 53".  For the 51" window, it was the perfect amount.  

Here is a strip of fabric all sewed together and read to be hemmed.  

The pinterest tutorial didn't call for hemming, but my mom and I are "finishers".  We like the finished edge.  Turn it over and then over again.  Sew.  

First layer.  Eeek!

We made a button hole through the curtain rod pocket directly in the center.  This way, the rod holder can rest without pulling the fabric of the curtain, and it's finished.  Remember, we're finishers.  

Gwen thinks it looks like The Little Mermaid, Ariel's fish tail scales except in a different color.  I think it is just dreamy.  

Sorry it's not a super great tutorial, but I felt that the other Pinterest Tutorial with Me and Madeline was great.  No need to reinvent the wheel  ;)