Monday, May 27, 2013

So much hate for Aqua Sand.

Today was a glorious day.  Gwen finally parted with her Aqua Sand.  She got it for her birthday last year and we let her play with it every once in a while because it sucks so much.  It is messy and horrible.  The pictures of the kids playing on the box are so seductive to a five ,almost six year old.  But to me, it just looked like torture.  And alas, I was right.  Check out this picture that was on the box.  Gwen just thought she was going to have so much fun.  What is weird is that hand is like WAY to freakin' big for the girl.  Sign?  I think so.

The first time, it was great, but getting that crap out of the "aquarium" was total failure.  There was this nasty pink and purple sand mess all over the place.  Really, each time you use this piece of trash, you should just have new bottles of sand, but I'm too smart to give Aqua Sand more money to torture me and prolong the agony.  So I just made myself, my husband, and my child dig that crappy sand out of the aquarium.

They just need to put it right there on the box.  "You will curse Aqua Sand.  You will wish you never let this enter your home.  Once you put more than one color into your aquarium, it will never be the same.  EVER.  And your kids will whine about it too.  Parents, Grandparents, and friends thinking about giving this as a gift, be warned:  You will be associated with Aqua Sand.  Do you really want to be that blasted person who gave Aqua Sand?  No.  No, you do not.  So, just walk away or be prepared for the wrath of the parents for whom this Aqua Sand box will reside."

Or at least, this is what would run through my head when the Aqua Sand would be brought out.

Now I feel like there is valuable real estate available on my hall closet shelf.  When I asked Gwen if she was ready to part with this garbage and she said yes, I jumped for joy and she thought I was insane.  And even though it was raining outside, I threw everything in a box and ran it out to the dumpster and tossed the P.O.S. in there so even if she changed her mind, I could throw out the old "oh, it's contaminated!" trick.  I probably even danced back from the dumpster too.  So much happiness!

Please, people.  DO. NOT. BUY. AQUA SAND!

You've been warned.