Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lovely Jackson Lake

Have to share this quick photo that I shot of Jackson Lake looking back at the Teton Mountains.  Sigh....One of my favorite places on Earth.

Lovely Jackson Lake, Wyoming. 

My lumps have made my need for control to go out of control

Okay.  I'll be the first to admit it.  My lumps are something I have NO control over.  Thus, everything else in my life I'm trying desperately to have more control over.  There are small sections of my house that haven't looked better.  My floor, for instance, hasn't looked greater.  It has been washed, every day,  since we have returned from Yellowstone.

Boone has been great about letting me boss him around and even collected the grass earlier this week, because I equate collecting grass like vacuuming the yard.  I think it looks nice and neat and clean.  See?  Crazy control issues.

We bought a new carpet cleaner today.  I can't wait for delivery, which should be in 3-5 days.

Today, my main goal is to finish my photography assignment and to clean the living room and kitchen. I find extreme joy in having control over something, considering I don't seem to have control over what happens inside my body or what may happen for my biopsy test results.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This has been a long few weeks.

So much has happened the last few weeks, I don't even know where to begin.  It's exhausting even to think back.

We went to drove to Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore,  Needles Highway, the Badlands, and the Tetons (pictures to come later) with the kids and it was lovely.  Better than I had expected, actually.  The parks were wonderful. We had okay weather too.  Two days of wind and cold, but nothing that a fleece jacket and blanket couldn't handle.

The day before we left, I did my self-breast exam.  Even though I found a lump in February and had a mammogram and ultrasound on both breasts and was given the all clear, I found a lump in my right breast.  This time, the lump is hard, like a pea.  I called right away and got on Friday afternoon, right before we were leaving for our trip.  STRESSFUL!    The NP confirmed what I felt, but the radiologist and mammogram techs were already gone for the weekend and I couldn't get anything other than an appointment for my return.  MORE STRESS.

We left on our trip with so much on my mind.  It was so hard to relax, but I tried.

Monday after we got back,  Boone dropped Barrett off at Math Camp and we went to my appointment at the hospital.  Mammogram and Ultrasound was done, but before I was always given results immediately.  This time I had to wait a full day.  STRESS.

Test came back suspicious and there are two lumps.  Great.

Biopsy is on Friday for both lumps.

If you read this, please keep me in your thoughts.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Damn you, Cool Whip Frosting--YOU'RE SO GOOD!!

Well, damn.  I've discovered Cool Whip Frosting and a gradual five pounds, that is if I keep this awesome stuff in my house.

Today is Gwen's birthday and we're making a cake for dinner.  I saw a commercial for this stuff and thought I'd give it a go.  When I was on a diet, like every moment of my life,  I'd freeze Cool Whip Free and then eat a few spoonfuls like ice cream.  It would give me a fix of frozen and dairy.  YUM.

I just had a spoonful of this stuff and O.M.G!  It's so freaking good.  I got chocolate and cheesecake, because when we were in the freezer section, we were in a hurry and Gwen wasn't sure.  The cheesecake is really good, but the chocolate is like crack (not that I know what that is like).  I'm glad Gwen wanted chocolate on her cake, because the sooner that stuff gets out of my house and in other people's bodies, the better!

Make up a reason to buy Cool Whip Frosting, people.  It's damned good!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deco Mesh 4th of July Wreath

I made this cute 4th of July wreath using a tutorial from a found on Pinterest by the Clumsy Crafter.
Clumsy Crafter's Tutorial is great.  I got the Deco Mesh at JoAnn's.  It was $5/roll and I had 50% coupons for each one.  I had a left over wreath form from a different project.  American flags I picked up at the Dollar Store, along with the star foil trim stuff.  

Overall, cute, inexpensive wreath and easy and fun to make.  

3 Week Update on my Dahlietta Bed

My Dahlietta's are so happy.  I've already trimmed the dead heads twice and they're full of blooms all the time.  The plants are getting bigger and I'm not tempted to fill in the empty space.

Click here to see the first day of planting on May 20th.

Here they are today, just three weeks later.

Ok.  Ok.  I need to get some mulch down.  Don't judge.  

3 Week Update on my Side Planting Hanging Baskets

Well, here we are.  Three weeks after I tried my hand at side planting.  I'm really happy with how my hanging baskets are looking.  I love Million Bells flowers too.  So happy.  SO easy.  All you do is water the little buggers and that's it.  You can find my original post on May 20th.  

Here is a photo update with my baskets.

You can kinda see how the side planted flowers are growing up from the holes they were planted in right now.  I've noticed that the larger side planted plants are starting to go both up and down.  Such a cool look!  I also love that the colors are starting to mix together now.  Sigh.  Love me some flowers.  Some day, I'll have enough land to have a little green house.  Double sigh.  

Here's a bonus one with my puppy, Sofie and a few of the basket from further away.  
Sofie looks so happy.  :)  

Here are the window boxes too.  They're very happy as well.  I'm still lamenting the fact that I didn't put enough soil in the box to begin with, but that's ok.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Addiction: The Little Couple on TLC

Have you watched "The Little Couple" on TLC?  OMG.   They are just the cutest couple ever!  I started watching it when my mom was here watching "her TLC shows" and I have to admit, I love this show and I'm totally addicted.

Come on now.  Just watch a couple shows and tell me you can't get addicted to them.  Too sweet.  Too down to Earth.  These people are great.  And now they've adopted a little boy, Will and a little girl is on the way from India!  

I can't believe it's taken me so long to find this show!  LOVE THE LITTLE COUPLE!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One of the Best Parts of Vacation: Thoughts from my 6-year old.

As we were packing for our one night away, Gwen tells me how excited she is for the clicking, clacking sound of her rolling backpack on the tile floor of the hotel.  "Mom, that is one of the best parts of vacation.  That sound.  The 'click click click click' sound that my backpack makes on the floor.  It's just so happy. "

Oh, come on now.  How could that NOT make you not want to stay in a hotel now?  JOY.

"THE" Target: My New Word Revolution.

I think I need to start a revolution.  A word revolution.  I believe when you go to Target, you should say it "Hey, I'm going to THE Target."  It is way more awesome.  It could be THE (with a long E) or it could be THE (like the tree).  It really doesn't matter, as long as you do it.  

Speaking of which, I have to get my butt into the shower and get over to THE Target and get some groceries.