Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Week Update on my Side Planting Hanging Baskets

Well, here we are.  Three weeks after I tried my hand at side planting.  I'm really happy with how my hanging baskets are looking.  I love Million Bells flowers too.  So happy.  SO easy.  All you do is water the little buggers and that's it.  You can find my original post on May 20th.  

Here is a photo update with my baskets.

You can kinda see how the side planted flowers are growing up from the holes they were planted in right now.  I've noticed that the larger side planted plants are starting to go both up and down.  Such a cool look!  I also love that the colors are starting to mix together now.  Sigh.  Love me some flowers.  Some day, I'll have enough land to have a little green house.  Double sigh.  

Here's a bonus one with my puppy, Sofie and a few of the basket from further away.  
Sofie looks so happy.  :)  

Here are the window boxes too.  They're very happy as well.  I'm still lamenting the fact that I didn't put enough soil in the box to begin with, but that's ok.