Thursday, June 13, 2013

Damn you, Cool Whip Frosting--YOU'RE SO GOOD!!

Well, damn.  I've discovered Cool Whip Frosting and a gradual five pounds, that is if I keep this awesome stuff in my house.

Today is Gwen's birthday and we're making a cake for dinner.  I saw a commercial for this stuff and thought I'd give it a go.  When I was on a diet, like every moment of my life,  I'd freeze Cool Whip Free and then eat a few spoonfuls like ice cream.  It would give me a fix of frozen and dairy.  YUM.

I just had a spoonful of this stuff and O.M.G!  It's so freaking good.  I got chocolate and cheesecake, because when we were in the freezer section, we were in a hurry and Gwen wasn't sure.  The cheesecake is really good, but the chocolate is like crack (not that I know what that is like).  I'm glad Gwen wanted chocolate on her cake, because the sooner that stuff gets out of my house and in other people's bodies, the better!

Make up a reason to buy Cool Whip Frosting, people.  It's damned good!