Sunday, June 30, 2013

My lumps have made my need for control to go out of control

Okay.  I'll be the first to admit it.  My lumps are something I have NO control over.  Thus, everything else in my life I'm trying desperately to have more control over.  There are small sections of my house that haven't looked better.  My floor, for instance, hasn't looked greater.  It has been washed, every day,  since we have returned from Yellowstone.

Boone has been great about letting me boss him around and even collected the grass earlier this week, because I equate collecting grass like vacuuming the yard.  I think it looks nice and neat and clean.  See?  Crazy control issues.

We bought a new carpet cleaner today.  I can't wait for delivery, which should be in 3-5 days.

Today, my main goal is to finish my photography assignment and to clean the living room and kitchen. I find extreme joy in having control over something, considering I don't seem to have control over what happens inside my body or what may happen for my biopsy test results.