Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pinterest Project: Denim Pocket Banner & Link to a Tutorial

Pinterest Inspiration:

I found this cute banner on Pinterest and a great way to use up those pants that became shorts and now are a banner!  

The tutorial that the link above has is great, so why recreate the wheel?  Click it to see how awesomely easy it is to make.

Here is my banner.  I'm giving the banner to my aunt who is becoming a first time grandma any day now.  She's making a nursery in her house for the expected grandbaby with a FARM theme.  Talk about cute!

Here is my take:

I used bandana fabric and white fabric to create my banner.  I kept the back of the pockets on, so if my aunt wants to put stuff in the pockets, she can!  

I could be put on the wall, over a window, door, closet.  Whatever.  

I thought it was a clever way to recycle pockets too.