Friday, July 26, 2013


Something is either crawling on my skin, poking my skin, it's on fire, the clothes I have are hurting, or my hair hurts, or it's numb (like it's falling asleep) AND it doesn't happen all the time.  It comes in weird waves and in different parts of my body.

My back.  Oh my God.  My back.  My head.  My upper legs.  My upper arms.

But, you know what?  In a couple days, I get to teach with amazing teachers and hopefully not have this awful, awful pain while teaching kids.

Pray, people.  Pray hard.

On the upside.  My "sores" aren't really sores.  They have almost completely healed.  So I don't look like what you imagine shingles to look like.  I just feel what shingles feels like.  So no problem with people.  Nothing.  Just pain for me.  Joy.  Like EVERY NERVE ON MY BODY HAS FIRED AT ONCE.  SUCKAGE.