Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great Children's Book Find: "Ask Me" by Antje Damm

On one of our trips to the library, Gwen picked out a book called ASK ME by Antje Damm.  I thought it look a little "babish", but oh, how wrong I was.  I love it! 

There are over 100 simple, thought-provoking questions to help start conversation between you and your child.  The teacher in me immediately thought it was a great way to build relationships with my students too.  Each page has a beautiful image, either an illustration or child's drawing or a photograph, that stimulates the conversation too.  

Questions like:  If you were king or queen, what would you change?  Have you ever picked fruit off a tree?  Do you know what your grandparents played with when they were little?  Who's in your family?  Have you ever seen animals in the sky?  

I've renewed the book twice now and I don't want to return it.  I've found myself contemplating a purchase!  After I spent some time with this book and my kids, I felt like I knew them better as people and took some time to relax, slow down, and enjoy who they are as individuals.  

What a great find!