Monday, September 23, 2013

Kids Closet Switch-Over Day

Oh's that day.  Closet Switch-Over Day.  The day I move the tank tops (what Barrett calls "MUSCLE SHIRTS") and shorts out and move some long-sleeved shirts into the closets.  BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

It's nice to have new clothes in the mix, but so sad to say goodbye to summer.  This fall, I really didn't do a whole lot of shopping for Gwen besides pants and she's going to be able to wear a lot of her size 7 pants for a little bit longer.  Barrett's trying to wear his size 10's but they're most definitely high water pants.  His 12s fit much better, but they're so darned big in the waist.   I'm going to make a stash of cut-off shorts from his 10s for next summer later this week.

It's supposedly have "warmer than usual" temperatures all this week, so I'm holding onto all the short-sleeves in the closet.  I can't let go!!!

Good luck switching your closets over soon.