Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Organizational Blog Share: Bowl Full of Lemons

I found a good one!  A great blog to help me get organized and you know how I love to share.

Once the kids started back to school, I started to recover my house from summer.  I just started by cleaning up the toys and clothes and general crap that was all over the place and then I started to list a bunch of outgrown clothes on eBay.  I've already brought in over $250 this month on clothes I probably would have only gotten $50 at Once Upon a Child, so I feel, even though it's more work, I get some Christmas money.  Whoop!  Maybe I'll call it my Disney-stash.  ;)

I was on a forum and all the ladies were talking about this great organization website called Bowl Full of Lemons so I popped over and took a look.  WOW!  LOVE IT!  I've been slowly going through the 14 Week Home Organization Assignments and I love it!  It seems manageable for a working mom with two active kids and a work-crazed husband.  I call that SUPER!

Now, I'm not all up-to-date on her blog, as I found it after she was well into her blog posts, but I just keep chipping away at the assignments and I'm happy with what I see.  Plus, I just love the name and I think lemons are pretty.