Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pin Test: Vinegar Dawn Tub Cleaner

This pin is always popping up on my popular board and I have friends that are always pinning it so I thought I'd give it a try and if it would change my life.  

First of all, I have to say this....WHO would let their tub get that dirty?!  

Second of all....I made my vinegar/Dawn cleaner with regular vinegar.  

I sprayed it on my tub and left it on for an hour and 15 minutes.  I scrubbed with a dish sponge with a scrubby (scrubbing with the scrubby side) for quite a while, and I never felt all thrown down on with this cleaner.  Perhaps I just don't let my tub get all gross?  Perhaps my love affair with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is far too great?  

I don't think I'd do it again.  I'm sticking with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser once a week and an easy job.