Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Parents are Homeless...Kinda

My parents are closing on the home that spent the majority of my life growing up in today and I'm really kinda bummed out about it.  I couldn't get a chance to stop over and say goodbye to the house and the land, so I feel really no closure or anything.  Just sad.  I helped sell the house and I took the pictures, so I have that.   Memories, too.  I just wanted that one last time through.

My parents are building their "dream home" in the woods.  A beautiful log cabin with two-story picture windows looking out into the trees.  It is really pretty.  EXCEPT...it isn't complete yet!  That means they're homeless for about a month now.  I think they'll be staying in an inexpensive hotel and maybe with my brother, but I'm not really sure.  We'll see.  They'll be fine and find their way.  I have to trust in that.  I know that many people have sold their homes early and have crashed at other people's homes. Heck, I'm just happy their house sold and they're on their way to the next step.  They should be able to move into their house by the end of the month.  (FINGERS CROSSED)

I'll have to share pictures of their old and new homes soon.  They're on the the other computer and Boone will have to help me move the pictures.  You all know how great I am about moving images from computer to the other.  ;)

Here's to the next month of chaos!