Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I took a shower with someone... then I commit murder.

I hopped into the shower this morning to be greeted by a HUGE spider between the shower liner and the curtain.  Okay, to me a HUGE spider is any kind of spider, but this one was HUGE!  Bigger than a quarter and it was all wiggly.  I freaked out and I screamed all crazy like a scene out of the movie Psycho.  For real.  It was good that the kids were at school because it was all crazy in the house.  I washed my hair with my eyes open and was out of there in record time.  I kept an eye on that spider the entire time I was in the shower.  All 45 seconds.

There I was running through my house wrapped in a towel for the vacuum, because HECK NO, I'm not gonna touch that thing with a tissue.  I got the vacuum and then I didn't know how I was going to get the stupid spider from between the liner and curtain.  I bumped the curtain into the tub, just in case the spider decided to jump for it and sure enough, it did.  I screamed so loud, I'm sure my neighbors heard me.  Of course, just as the spider dropped into the tub, I had some water from my hair run down my back.  Ahhhh!!!  I grabbed that vacuum hose and, I sucked the spider up and left the vacuum running for a good five minutes, just in case that spider decided to live.  OMG.

I hate spiders.  Sorry all you spider lovers and all you folks who catch spiders and release them into the world.  My philosophy is that if you don't pay rent, you're not allowed in.  With the exception of our two dogs, Lola and Sofie.