Monday, November 11, 2013

Selling your house is a weird form of torture.

We listed our house for sale today and I'm experiencing a whole new form a torture.  Selling a house with young children, two dogs, and a husband.  When we sold our old house over eight years ago, I don't remember it being this stressful, but Barrett was a baby and really didn't have "STUFF".  You know.  Lego tables, board games, Infinity, desks, twin-sized beds.  All that "stuff" that we now have for TWO kids and a guest room.  

We've really cleaned out a lot of our extra "stuff" and the house is looking great.  I wish we would have thrown a lot of this junk away a long time ago, and it always looked this nice.  We haven't even had a showing and I'm exhausted.  I'm still trying to sell some of the kids' clothes and books that will fetch a few bucks on eBay and I'm still trying to keep up with the kids, the two dogs, and the husband.  I think that I will be able to pay for all of Christmas with what I've gotten on eBay!  

Oh wait, then there's work too.  

So tired!  Yes, it has been confirmed.  Selling a house is a weird form of torture.