Sunday, December 29, 2013

January to June: A Whole New World

In just a few days, we'll be packing it all up and moving into an apartment about half the size of our current home.  We're in the process of working with a builder to start a house soon in a new town that we really love, but in the mean time, we're doing all sorts of NEW things.  It's going to be quite an adjustment, but worth it in the end to have it all done the way we want it.  I'm sure I will keep you all posted here on the blog as to how things happen.

Here are some of our changes in the next few months:

  • We will be living on the 2nd floor of an apartment, in what I consider to be a "big city".  Madison, Wisconsin.  
  • I will be commuting to our current home for two, intense days of teaching to carry my students into their new teacher.  Honestly, I know I'm not ready to let them go and I desperately feel like I just can't let them be without a teacher when I know that with all the teacher searching I've done has turned up one, possibly two teachers that can be here in just a few months.  I love my Suzuki families so much that I'm willing to put myself out there in a crazy way to carry them through.  People think I'm crazy...I call it dedication.  
  • We will be homeschooling the kids so they don't have to go to three different schools this year.  I'm really excited to explore Madison this way.  Madison is basically an unknown city to me too, so this will be a great way to get to know our new town. 
  • Most of our "STUFF" will be in storage. We are only packing the things we need for 6-months and that can get us through our time in the apartment.  Everything else is going into a big storage unit that is provided for us.  That means, no sewing machine!  Most of my crafty stuff--GONE!  AHHHHHH!!!  We're  really getting serious about this too.  We're only taking mattresses for the kids and for us, boxspring and mattress.  We're only taking our chair and half and the ottoman for the living room too.  It'll be sparse, but fine.  
  • I can say that we do know people, but the kids network of friends has been pretty much severed.  I'm going to register them for a few classes since we'll have some freedoms with homeschooling. 
  • New church.   I'm really nervous about this one.  We really have to chose our church quickly because the kids have CCD.  
  • ........I'm sure this list has a ton more things, but I've got to get moving.  Too many things to get done today.  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26th and I'm starting to take down the tree?

Yes, it's December 26th and I'm starting to take down the Christmas tree and decorations.  It's all a part of the awesomeness of moving.  I'm figuring out what is left in the pantry and what I need to make with it, and trying to get blankets and rugs washed before we go too.

We're having a Cookies and Cocoa party on Sunday for the neighborhood kids for us to say goodbye before things really start getting packed up too.  Hopefully it'll help get the freezer cleaned out too.

Sad to see Christmas go so soon, but next year will be epic.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Phew! Finally have a place to live!

Our house closes in about 2 weeks and today we finally got an apartment while we build a house.  Man, that's cutting it close.  Not something I'd like to do again.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Merry Holiday, Y'all.

Once the kids came back from deer hunting, all bets were off and nothing else was done with the Christmas cards.  It was a good try though.  Hopefully I'll finish them up by next Monday.  The first bunch went in the mailbox today and I'm happy that our greetings are going to brighten someone's day soon.  

This year, our card says "Happy Holidays", and it doesn't bother me, because there are so many holidays to be celebrated...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah.  We do usually send Merry Christmas cards, but I guess it's about the spirit of the season of celebrating.  Not the gifts, but of whatever and however you celebrate the holiday that you're celebrating.  So Merry Holiday, y'all.  Do what you do and be happy and be merry.  

Pssssttt....I'm exhausted!