Thursday, January 2, 2014

Most Loved Christmas Presents and Product Reviews

This year's most loved Christmas presents?  Easy!  The Rainbow Loom has been so popular around our house, we've been calling Gwen "the Loom-a-tic".  Barrett, the day after Christmas, used his allowance to buy one so he could get in on the fun too.
We have about a ZILLION bands for the Loom all over our house. The guy who invented the Loom is a zillionaire and he's earned it.  The quiet is worth it.  Thank you, Rainbow Loom guy.    
Oh...We've also been all over YouTube watching videos on how to make different kinds of bracelets too.  Gwen's getting into some really complicated bracelets.  Barrett's still new at it, as he's Loom just arrived not too long ago. 

Another Christmas favorite has been all of the LEGO toys.  Both Barrett and Gwen got LEGO toys.  Is there anything more to be said about LEGO?  They're awesome! 

American Girl is always a hit for Gwen.  In 2013, she drooled over Saige, the American Girl of the Year doll and her Painting Set.  Santa brought her the doll and painting set.  She's so happy.  I know that American Girl isn't for every kid, but when you know they want it, it's a hit.  Gwen spends lots of time dressing, undressing and playing with the doll.  Plus, the stories that accompany the dolls are great. Saige's story is about using your creativity for the better good...gotta love that!

One last favorite for now...Disney Infinity and all it's awesome characters and power discs!  Is this a surprise coming from our house?  Barrett got lots of characters (Gwen got a couple too) and the complete Series 2 Power Disc Set from Grandpa and he was in HEAVEN!  He gets limited screen time, but when he does play, he's all in!  He had so much fun playing and building his toy boxes this Christmas Break.