Thursday, January 16, 2014

We've landed in Madison.

We've landed in Madison.  I can't say I've explored much, but we've been working hard to get organized.  

Here is our family update:

Janelle:  I've been back to our old hometown to teach two lesson-filled days, started homeschooling, and packed and unpacked countless boxes.  I've ordered curriculums, discovered my love for homeschooling, nursed Boone back from sickness, nursed Gwen from tonsillitis, and now Barrett from a terrible cold.  I'm afraid I may be the last to fall, but I have a Suzuki workshop this weekend....that means no time for illness!

Boone:  After the move, he had a terrible fever and cold, but is back in the office.

Barrett:  He handled the last days of school like a champ.  Didn't like the packing AT ALL, but now that we're in the apartment and have started homeschool, he's back into school and life.  He's come down with a nasty, nasty cold, but his spirits are high.  

Gwen:  Missed the last days of school because of terrible fever and tonsillitis, but has landed in Madison and homeschool better than expected.  

Homeschool has been awesome.  We've started a unit on the universe, space, and the kids are super excited.  We even took a fieldtrip to planetarium last night!  Fun!  The kids like the math curriculum that we have chosen and have been working hard (even Barrett worked for a while today when he was sick).