Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Narcotics and I don't mix

Ended up in the Emergency Room on Sunday.  I tried so hard to make it to my students, but only made it about 30 miles and ended up in tears from the pain.  I'm so sad and disappointed from missing the families.  Last week was Spring Break, so it feels so long since I've seen them.  I miss them and I hope they keep playing and working forward in their assignment.  Spring is always so hard to miss a lesson too.  There is a recital next week and another breathing down my neck and a Festival Concert not far off.  It's just so hard to miss.  Plus Solo/Ensemble for my older students.  It makes it so stressful to miss them.  Then the Pre-Twinklers need me there to keep the momentum moving forward.  Let's face it.  I just love seeing them.  They're my family.  I just love seeing them and helping them grow.  I didn't want to turn around and I think I was crying in the car more for them than I was for myself and the pain. I knew I couldn't make it though.

Once I got to the ER, it was a relief that I'd find out if something bad was going on inside my belly.  I mean, I know nothing good is going on.   But to find out if I needed attention to anything right away, because when I woke up on Sunday morning, I felt HORRIBLE!  They got me hooked up with an IV and I got some pain medication.  Thank you, Jesus.  It was nice to have some relief after a couple weeks of stomach pain.

Some tests later, I was told that everything came back "normal" and they think something else that they don't deal with in the ER is going on and to "see my primary care doctor".  Ah.  That elusive "primary care doctor".  The doctor I don't have an appointment with until April 1st.

They sent me home with a couple of prescriptions, one for acid reducing (they think I may have a stomach or intestine inflammation) and one for pain--a narcotic, and off we went...well slowly.  I am not feeling well at all yet.

Holy Hannah.  The withdrawl from the pain medication was horrible.  One pain pill was enough to show me that I will NOT be taking that again and will opt to be taking Tylenol.  I was so sick.  I couldn't even move without feeling like I was going to fall over and puke my guts out.

I miss my students horribly.  I feel terrible that I couldn't teach them, but I know I was in the right place on Sunday and Monday, it still doesn't make me miss them any less.

Oh----I called the doctor as soon as I could on Monday, and I have an appointment this Wednesday!  Amazing!  Why the heck wouldn't they see me earlier?  GEEZ!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mirrors, Towel Bars, and Lights, Oh MY!

We've been up to so much lately, I can't keep my head on straight.  I think we have most of the house design process done.  Now we have to purchase the bathroom mirrors, hooks, towel bars and all of the accessories.  Joy.  Can you feel my overwhelming excitement?  No?  Because with the way I've been feeling the last two weeks, shopping is the last thing I want to do.  I was hoping to actually to get a lot of it done, but I've felt like I've got a fist in my stomach, side and back and my energy is zapped by 2 pm.  I've been trying to follow the medical system here, but I haven't gotten any results back yet.  Seriously.  Two ultrasounds and I still am waiting.  What I have learned is that I should have just gone into the E.R.  Boo.

The lights are the big "thing" left after this to purchase (I hope!), and I think it will make a big influence on how the house will look once finished.

I'm getting excited and anxious.  I can't wait to feel better and I can't wait to get into our house.  I'm ready for our own space.  Apartment living is just not for us.  I'd much rather not.

Fingers crossed that all of our shopping fun is easy and come together without a hitch!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm starting to like Madison.

Oh my gosh. Yes.  I will admit it now.  I was not happy when we first landed here.  I mean I was happy but not happy happy.  I loved being more settled and having some of our unanswered questioned answered, but it did open up a lot of new questions.  For example, how to get to the store, getting stuff from the store, and how to get back.  Target's, mean one of the four Target store's layouts.  Everything was new and I was homeschooling my two great kids on top of it, which was new as well.  When I had a day that was us, staying at home, just doing school and not having to venture out, I was totally happy.  I didn't have to use my phone as a GPS or cross four lanes of traffic to get to the store or figure out a new store to get groceries with two kids in tow.  Plus, I didn't have the guilt of using daylight hours for running errands not school at the same time.

Now that we've been here almost two months, I'm finally starting to get a bit more settled.  I'm getting to the store without GPS and I'm getting the layout of the stores.  It doesn't take 20 minutes to find where the vinegar is in the Target anymore.  THANK YOU, JESUS!!

We've even started venturing out for field trips for school!  A welcome change to the usual grind to the week.  At the annual Garden Show, we became members of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.    We had a great time escaping the 5 degree weather into the 80 degree temperatures where we got to see toads, koi, birds, and beautiful plants.  Sigh.   We've been studying many of the places where the plants were identified from and it was great to have a connection to our learning.