Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm starting to like Madison.

Oh my gosh. Yes.  I will admit it now.  I was not happy when we first landed here.  I mean I was happy but not happy happy.  I loved being more settled and having some of our unanswered questioned answered, but it did open up a lot of new questions.  For example, how to get to the store, getting stuff from the store, and how to get back.  Target's, mean one of the four Target store's layouts.  Everything was new and I was homeschooling my two great kids on top of it, which was new as well.  When I had a day that was us, staying at home, just doing school and not having to venture out, I was totally happy.  I didn't have to use my phone as a GPS or cross four lanes of traffic to get to the store or figure out a new store to get groceries with two kids in tow.  Plus, I didn't have the guilt of using daylight hours for running errands not school at the same time.

Now that we've been here almost two months, I'm finally starting to get a bit more settled.  I'm getting to the store without GPS and I'm getting the layout of the stores.  It doesn't take 20 minutes to find where the vinegar is in the Target anymore.  THANK YOU, JESUS!!

We've even started venturing out for field trips for school!  A welcome change to the usual grind to the week.  At the annual Garden Show, we became members of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.    We had a great time escaping the 5 degree weather into the 80 degree temperatures where we got to see toads, koi, birds, and beautiful plants.  Sigh.   We've been studying many of the places where the plants were identified from and it was great to have a connection to our learning.