Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mirrors, Towel Bars, and Lights, Oh MY!

We've been up to so much lately, I can't keep my head on straight.  I think we have most of the house design process done.  Now we have to purchase the bathroom mirrors, hooks, towel bars and all of the accessories.  Joy.  Can you feel my overwhelming excitement?  No?  Because with the way I've been feeling the last two weeks, shopping is the last thing I want to do.  I was hoping to actually to get a lot of it done, but I've felt like I've got a fist in my stomach, side and back and my energy is zapped by 2 pm.  I've been trying to follow the medical system here, but I haven't gotten any results back yet.  Seriously.  Two ultrasounds and I still am waiting.  What I have learned is that I should have just gone into the E.R.  Boo.

The lights are the big "thing" left after this to purchase (I hope!), and I think it will make a big influence on how the house will look once finished.

I'm getting excited and anxious.  I can't wait to feel better and I can't wait to get into our house.  I'm ready for our own space.  Apartment living is just not for us.  I'd much rather not.

Fingers crossed that all of our shopping fun is easy and come together without a hitch!